Trash: why it appears and how to process it
Trash leads - is a special metric in our system that allows you to additionally define the quality of your traffic.
Trash leads statuses:
Double (ip address) – if someone using the same IP address places an order for the same offer again during the 2 last days;

Spam orders – 3 or more leads with the same IP address received during the last 2 days;

Incorrect phone number – internal algorithms check if phone numbers are correct;

Incorrect GEO – if the country is different from the offer's country;

Double (phone number) – if someone with this phone number has already placed an order for this offer over the last 90 days;

Offer is disabled;

Blacklisted (phone) – phone number is blacklisted;

Blacklisted (ip_address) - IP-address is blacklisted;

Blacklisted (client's name) – client's name is blacklisted;

Blacklisted (lead_cookie_token) - lead cookie token of a buyer is blacklisted;

not_submitted – an order isn't completed, meaning that a visitor filled the contacts in the order form, but didn't press the "submit" button;

test order;

Phone number isn't confirmed/SMS isn't sent – phone number isn't confirmed with the help of SMS message;

Despite the fact that such leads have an increased risk of being canceled, In Tlight, trash orders don't disappear: almost all trash leads are transferred to call centers and some of them are approved.
Trash orders a call center will use to make calls:
● Double (ip address);

● Spam orders;

● Incorrect phone number;

● Incorrect GEO;

● Double (phone number);

● not_submitted;

● test order;

● Phone number isn't confirmed/SMS isn't sent.

What share of these orders is approved after processing in a call center?
In TLight system, it's about 20%.

Does it matter why an order is considered to be a trash order? Yes, because different trash orders have different approval rates. The diagram shows approval percentage for different categories of trash leads:
Your bundle brings a lot of trash orders? A nice bonus is that if these are double trash orders (phone number or IP) — about quarter of these leads will be approved.

Also, in Tlight, many orders with «not_submitted» status (when a buyer didn't send contacts) get approved. The point is that Tlight's landing pages have a script that transfers user's contacts and creates an order even if a user didn't press the «Send/Order/Get a discount and etc.» button. In September, almost 22% of these leads were approved.

It allows increasing average approval rate by 1% on average. Unfortunately, this option is unavailable if you download a landing page to your hosting service, it will work only if a landing page is hosted by TLight.

How to receive less trash orders?
Here's a trick few people know about: in Traffic Light , when you create a flow, you can enable "Don't use pixels for trash orders" button.
Thus, you can prevent pixels from working for trash leads. Pixels won't be shown on "Thank you" page if an order is considered to be a trash order when it's created. This will let you to optimize ad campaigns in a better way and to teach pixels to gather less trash.

Where to find trash leads?
The trash status of a lead can be checked on the Leads page, in the "Trash" column, by mouse clicking over the red exclamation mark icon.
On the Statistics page, trash leads can be seen by toggling to "Show all" the "Trash leads" filter.
In the "Leads" column, the sum of valid leads will be shown outside the brackets, and the valid ones together with the trash ones will be displayed next to it in brackets.