Setting up Keitaro
First, you need to set up an affiliate network in Keitaro tracker. Open it, select "Affiliate networks" in the menu and press the "Create" button.
Then, select a ready-made template Its name is TrafficLight.
After that, the required info will be filled into all 3 fields.
Copy the link in "Postback URL" field and press "Save". A template is ready.
Open affiliate network's website.

Add anoffer to "My" category (by pressing "Add" in the offer card). Next, create a stream.
Go to the bottom of the settings page, untick the box next to "Use global postback".

You copied a link in Keitaro for a purpose - insert it into all fields.

This is how you set up post back URL for a stream.
Save the flow and go to the offer card.
Now, you have to download a landing page and link the flow you created to link postback URLs, you also have to select integration with Keitaro.
Leave the Postback URL field in the landing download card empty, because already postbacks are specified in the linked flow.
Attention, please: When you download a prelanding page, replace the address of the landing page with {offer}
Go back to Keitaro and create an offer, then add the downloaded landing page. Go to "Offers" tab and press the "Create" button.
Specify offer name and link it to by selecting TrafficLight in "Affiliate network" section, go to "Local" tab and download the landing page file with the help of "Choose file" button, all you have to do after that is to press "Create".
To download a prelanding page, select "Create" in "Landing page" section. Give it a name (we recommend you to use the first word to specify that this is a landing or prelanding page - this will help you to find the page you need faster and easier).
Download an archive with a prelanding page.
Now, it's time for the final part, campaign creation. Go to "Campaigns" tab and press the "Create" button.
In the next window, enter the name of the campaign and create a flow by clicking on the "create flow" button.
Specify flow name and go to "Scheme" tab. Press the "Add offers" button and go to the next window.
Find the offer you need and tick it. Keitaro can help you to split offers, so you can select several offers at the same time. After you selected the offers, press the "Add" button.
If you want to use a prelanding page-landing page bundle, go to "Scheme" tab and select your prelanding page in "Landing page" section and select an offer in "Offers".
Now, press the "Apply" button and go to the start page of a campaign.

At this stage, add the domain you're planning to use for your ad campaign.

Now, it's time for the last step: press the "Create" button. Campaign creation is finished.

You can see the link to it in "Integration" tab.

Now, try to place a test order. Make sure if it's displayed in Keitaro and if the lead is shown in our affiliate network.