How to make a secure link with https
1. Our service supports SSL certificates for parked domains.
You have to:
-Buy domain on our website or from any 3rd party registrar and park it in an affiliate network (Domain parking);

- Wait for all DNS servers to be updated (it can take from 2 to 24 hours);

- When our system detects a new domain and makes sure that its IP address is connected with our servers, the process of creation of a SSL certificate will start immediately (it can take 5-10 minutes);

- You can find out that you have been provided with a SSL certificate on domain parking page -

- Then, create a flow with this domain and select a link with https:
- Test the link with https by opening it and leaving a test request to make sure everything works correctly
If your domain is successfully parked with us, but according to those. For reasons the certificate is not issued for more than 10 minutes - please contact support.
2. You can place your landing page on your hosting service and link a domain with a SSL certificate to it.
3. You can also use service – it provides SSL certificates for free (How to set up SSL certificate with the help of