How to make a secure link with https
1. Our service supports SSL certificates for parked domains.
You have to:
- buy domain on our website or from any 3rd party registrar and park it in an affiliate network (Domain parking);

- Wait for all DNS servers to be updated (it can take from 2 to 24 hours);

- When our system detects a new domain and makes sure that its IP address is connected with our servers, the process of creation of a SSL certificate will start immediately (it can take 5-10 minutes);

- you can find out that you have been provided with a SSL certificate on domain parking page -

- then, create a flow with this domain and select a link with https:
2. You can place your landing page on your hosting service and link a domain with a SSL certificate to it.
3. You can also use service – it provides SSL certificates for free (How to set up SSL certificate with the help of