How to create a link to start driving traffic
You need to generate a link for starting an ad campaign if you want your leads (orders) to be counted for your account in our affiliate network.
Press "Add" button on the page of the offer you're interested in.

The offer's category will be changed to "My", after that, you will have an opportunity to:
Create a flow.

A flow can be hosted on our servers, you can also add it to your hosting.

Download landing pages (they will be automatically set up via API)

Use a link to a landing page – in this case, your leads will be counted, but the link will have a regular domain and it won't be possible to set it up. In this case, a landing page will be hosted by an affiliate network.

We recommend you to park your domain to work safely – you can do it in a flow.

A flow is a kind of wrapping for a landing page, it has extra features.

Flow settings allow you to:

Replace a standard domain with another one
Switch between all landing pages available for an offer
Add sub accounts and UTM tags
Change invoice details of a landing page
Activate conversion elements
Add and replace counters
Add postback links

The difference between a downloaded landing page and a downloaded flow: