FlexCard replenishment
Top-up rules
  • deposits are made to account Wallets:
    • from the Traffic Light balance - no commission;
    • via online sales register - commission 2.5% + 30 rubles.
  • we recommend replenishing FlexCard account dollar Wallets from the Traffic Light dollar balance, FlexCard account euro Wallets from the Traffic Light euro balance, and converting, if necessary, within the FlexCard system;
  • conversion from rubles to dollars/euro - at the rate of TrafficLight;
  • further transfer of funds from account Wallets to specific BINs is subject to a commission within the FlexCard system;
  • you can only top - up the wallets of team managers (Owner);
  • minimum deposit amount: 1 USD \ 1 euro \ 100 rubles;
  • reverse withdrawal of funds from FlexCard to TL balance is available through support.

FlexCard Wallet connection
In the FlexCard personal account, in the side menu on the left, select Wallets → Balance, and there 2 Wallets in EUR and USD currencies have been created for you.
On the Traffic Light website, in the tools section on the FlexCard Wallets page, you need to add a wallet that you are going to replenish. You may enter its name freely
Please, confirm wallet addition.

FlexCard Wallet replenishment
There are 2 options to top-up your FlexCard:
● From your Traffic Light balance
● From your bank card
    To replenish from your Traffic Light balance, click "Deposit" -> "From TL balance", "Order payout" page will open. Then you need to select FlexCard and the desired wallet in the details.

    Request payment
    You may replenish your TL balance account with open transactions on the account.

    The second option is your bank card replenishment. If you would like to do it, please, choose "Top up" -> "Online cashier" option.

    The money will be credited to the Wallet immediately after the payment.

    Transferring funds from Wallet to specific BIN's
    Ttransfer manual inside FlexCard
    If you need some extra help or advice, please go to the team chat or you may write here @flexcard_support.