Extra Monetization - Showcase of goods
Extra monetization is an opportunity for a webmaster to earn income without additional advertising costs. The functionality is presented in the form of a showcase of goods.

How it works?
1. The "Back" button in the browser is reconfigured in such a way that when it is pressed, the user will be directed to a specially prepared site with advertisements for various products.

2. Thus, if the user decides to leave the main site of the flow, using the "Back" button, he will be directed to the site with the product showcase, and further attempts to leave this site will also be redirected to the same storefront site.

Showcase example:
3. A user who has landed on this site leaves a request, which is sent to the advertiser according to the classical model, then the client calls, and if this lead is confirmed, the webmaster will be rewarded.
4. Leads left from the product showcase are tied to a special "service stream", and not to your original stream.
Therefore, when viewing these leads, you will see something like this:
5. Income from the showcase can be seen in Statistics, when you select "Extra monetization showcase" variant in "Traffic origin" filter:

How to enable extra monetization?
Extra monetization can be enabled in the stream settings by checking the box next to "Extra monetization by a storefront, replacing the "Back" button".
This checkbox is automatically enabled for all nutritive offers in the CIS, you can disable it and then extra monetization will be disabled in your stream.

Also, extra monetization will work if the landing is on your hosting. To do this, you need (in strict order):
1. Enable extra monetization in the settings of the stream to which the downloaded landing page is linked.
2. Download the landing page or stream.
3. Upload it to the hosting.

How to enable extra monetization on my site?
You can enable extra monetization on your site by adding the script to your landing page code.
1. Add an offer to "My", then create a stream.
2. Enable extra monetization in the stream settings by clicking the "Extra Monetization with the help of showcase, replacement of "Back" button" checkbox.
3. Click "Apply".
4. Then extra monetization script will appear. Copy it with the appropriate button.
5. Add this script to the code of your landing page on the main page before the </head> tag.

How much can I earn?
Additional income can be approximately 20% of your main income (the percentage may vary depending on the discrepancy between the target audience of the main offer and the offers presented on the product showcase).

How does this affect the conversion / approval of the main traffic flow?
Extra monetization does not affect the basic profitability.

What devices and browsers does this functionality work on?
Showcase does not work on MAC devices.

Why can the "Back" button on the landing be inactive when extra monetization is enabled?
- Make sure you are logging in from supported devices: Windows / IOS / Android.
- The "Back" button is activated only after any active action on the page (click anywhere, page scrolling) - this is a technical feature of the implementation and it cannot be changed.

How does this affect moderation in traffic sources?
We have not received unequivocal confirmation that in some sources the stream may not pass moderation due to extra monetization. There are special cases with manual moderation, when the moderator notices it, but in such cases you can always turn off extra monetization and turn it on whenever you want.

How to check the list of offers promoted by the showcase?
You can test the storefront yourself by enabling it in a stream, following the stream link, and pressing the back button.

Do you have a product or news showcase?
We have a storefront.

How will new lead notification postbacks work?
Leads from the showcase will also trigger postbacks, which are specified in the settings of the main stream.

Does the bid for leads from the showcase differ from the main bids for offers?
The rate for leads that came from the showcase is approximately 20% lower than the base rates.

How to pour directly to the storefront, not through the "Back" button?
You can work directrly with showcases.

Does the showcase adapt to different categories of offers?
At the moment, the storefront is not adaptive and is designed exclusively for the nutra-vertical of offers, but our team is working on the possibility of adapting it.

Will there be a parked domain in the showcase link?
Yes. When you open a showcase, as well as when you follow teaser links from the showcase, links with a domain that is parked in the main thread are opened.

For which geos is the showcase available?
At the moment, it is adapted for visitors from from geos: Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Argentina, Bangladesh, India, Spain, Mexico, Romania, Thailand, Turkey.
We are working on the possibility of adapting the showcase to other geos.