Creating and setting up Tik Tok pixel
Setting up pixel
Creating a pixel depends on if a landing page is used in a flow or placed on a personal hosting service or tracker.

Now, let's consider the stages of creating and setting up TT pixel for different purposes. Initial settings the same in any case.

Create a pixel, give it a name. then in Assets you need to click Events and press Web Events option.
Click a Set Up Web Events button at the top of the page.
Now select Tiktok Pixel and press Next.
Write your pixel name, choose Manually Install Pixel Code option, then press Next.
Select Standard Mode and click Create.
Click Next.
In this section you need to select Enter URL Keywords.
In Event Type it's better to select Button click or Complete payment.

In URL contains you should write one of the following text variants depending on your traffic link generation way:
  • invoice2 - if you use a stream link, both on our server and loaded it to your hosting.
  • lead - if you use tracker "Arbalet".
  • order.php - if you load a landing page from our system to your hosting.

The conversion rule changes accordingly to the location and the URL of the "thank you page". This page appears after leaving an order. If you do not know the address of this page, you can leave a test order to see what exactly appears in the URL at the time the lead is processed.

Next press Complete Setup.
Now pixel setup is complete. Its ID can be copied according to the scheme on the screen.
We specify it in flow settings in a corresponding field.
If you added a landing page to your hosting service, you have to copy the entire pixel code and insert it on thank you page manually. Its address is invoice2/index.php. Add the code before the closing </head> tag or add it to the file trackers_order.php in the root folder.

Dynamic pixel

You can use a Dynamic pixel on the downloaded landing page. No need to add codes to the landing page. Add ?tiktok_pixel= (after domain name) or &tiktok_pixel= (after other macros) in the end of a url, add counter ID after "=" symbol.

Checking up your pixel
After that, you can check if your pixel works well by placing a test order.
Uncheck "Do not use pixel for trash leads" in the stream settings.
Wait for an event in TT.
Also, when placing an order, you can see how a pixel works with the help of tiktok helper, a browser extension that shows TT events. The screenshot shows the situation when information about a new lead is received successfully.