Guide on creating a flow
In offer card, press the "Add" button (the offer's category will be changed to "My"), after this, you'll have an opportunity to create a flow. .

Press the "Create a flow" button, then you'll see its settings menu.

Each item on flow creation page has a question mark. Press on it to see advice.
You can give your flow any Name.

Parking a domain. You can park your domain (it's even desirable in many cases). You can buy a domain from us ( or from a 3rd party registrar.
If you buy it from us, the domain will already be set up, you only have to select it from a drop down list.
You have to set up a domain bought from a 3rd party registrar

Landing and prelanding pages. Select a landing or prelanding page you need. You can select one or several ones, they'll be opened in sequence

Direct link (avoid redirection). Tick this box if you don't need redirection. Redirection is banned in some sources, for example, Facebook and MyTarget. In this case, you can choose only one landing page.

Lead traffic to a mobile landing page automatically. Ticking this box will let you to lead all users who signed in with the help of mobile devices to a mobile or adaptive landing page. It works only if you selected several landing pages among which there's a mobile or adaptive landing page.
Traffic source. You should specify the source you're going to use. If it isn't on the list, select Other source.

Sub accounts, UTM tags. Based on the chosen traffic source, the system will offer standard tags. You can add any tags you wish

Only selected countries. If you're going to drive traffic only to one GEO, you can make a landing page shows only this country. All orders will be directed to this GEO no matter what IP address was used. Tick the box, specify the country's name. You can select several GEOs at the same time.
Invoice details. You can add company details for the current flow in English or Russian

Some sources may consider changes in invoice details of the campaigns that are being run as "faking" a website.
Conversion elements for a landing page. Not obligatory. You can select them if you wish

Promo codes can only be specified in Latin characters.
Counters. Specify the number of the counter you use.

If you tick "in URL" box, counter number will be shown in a link.

Example (Facebook pixel): (replace CODE with the number of your pixel)
IMPORTANT: Entering counters in offer flows with redirect landings is limited: if the advertiser supports pixel transfer, then the field for entering the pixel will be active. Also pay attention to the description in the offer card, where the nuances of how pixels work may be indicated.
Don't use pixels for trash orders. If the system considers an order as a trash order, your pixels won't be shown on the Thank you page.

Learn more about trash orders:
Uploading a flow to your hosting service. If you are planning to upload a flow to your hosting service, you have to tick this box and specify the address of your hosting. After you save a flow, the "Download an archive" button will appear
Postback URL. You can use global postback specified in a profile or set up individual postback urls for this flow.

When the setup is finished, press the "Apply" button. A flow is ready.

Use a Link to the flow (specified in the upper part of flow settings in "Flow data" section) for advertising. .

If you're going to use Sub accounts or UTM tags, add text from URL parameters to the link with the help of & symbol (if there's already '?' symbol in the link) or with the help of ? symbol (if there isn't any