Setting up Arbalet
To begin with, choose an offer, mark it as yours and copy the link to the landing page you like.
Open Arbalet service and sign in.

You'll see "My websites" section.

Press the "Download a new website" button.

Insert the link you have already copied into the field and press the "Download" button. You don't have to change the initial settings.
When a landing page is downloaded, you will be redirected back to "My Websites" section, but Arbalet may also get stuck. So, it takes more than 10 minutes to download a website, press the "My Websites" tab and you'll see your website there.
Now, press the "Settings" button to switch to integration with an affiliate network and finish setting up traffic driving.
Go to the "Where to send orders" section and select our affiliate network as it's shown in the screenshot.
Then, press the "Add settings" section and fill in the following fields – Offer ID (you can find it on the affiliate network's page) and Country (select depending on the GEO you're going to drive traffic to).

The second field isn't obligatory, but you need to specify the country if you want to avoid GEO identification failure and the weeding out of leads. Thus, Arbalet will have to specify the GEO you chose for every order of the flow.
Press "Save settings" button, then go back, select extra settings and press "Save".
You can set up an extra field for transferring data. As a rule, for our offers, it's an address field.
To do so, go to the landing that has already been passed. Move the cursor to the field you are interested in, press the right mouse button and select "View code". You'll see a console where you should find the code's fragment you're interested in and check this field's name. In this case, it's an address.
Insert it into the field in Arbalet and press Save.
Then, go to the "Where to host the website" section. Choose a free domain from Arbalet.
You only have to specify subdomain address and you'll have your own website on a 3rd-level domain. You can use Latin characters and digits.
You can also use your own domain.

Now, go to "Integrations" section and edit the affiliate network's template. You have to specify you API key which you can find in your profile. Then, press the "Save" button.
Be careful when inserting the key, avoid spaces – it's one of the mistakes that prevent you from getting leads because integration with an affiliate network failed.

Then, go back to the landing page and get a link with a ready-made and set-up API for transferring leads to an affiliate network. Place a test order.
In Arbalet, you'll see the lead in "Statistics" >>> "List of leads" section.
It's also important to check if a lead was transferred to an affiliate network – you can check in the Statistics or Lead sections (for the latter, enable the display of trash leads).
Now, let's set up postback tracking to make lead statuses be automatically transferred to Arbalet. Unfortunately, you can't link a flow to a tracker, that's why you can use only global postback for Arbalet.

Find it in offer settings card and inset it in your profile, in the Global postback section.

If postback integration was carried out correctly, all statuses will be available in Arbalet's statistics as well. To find statistics, select the "Statistics" tab, then - "List of leads" section.

At first, when you get an order, it'll look like this.
Then, the status will be changed to Confirmed or Canceled.
You can track lead statuses in "Postback logs" section.
You can use "Error logs" section to track errors if any appear when a lead is being created.
Privacy policy settings
When our landing pages are parsed to Arbalet, links to Privacy Policy can be disrupted. The reason is the nature of the tracker. Not all files are parsed, landing page's structure is changed, so, following the link becomes impossible, you see 404 error which mean that the file is lost or the path is wrong.
You need to change the code to fix it.

Select landing page editing mode in Arbalet.

Open the code of index.html file.
We need the footer: it's the bottom of the screen and the final part of the code.
We need the footer: it's the bottom of the screen and the final part of the code.

Change the dedicated code to the formation suitable for you. It should be based on the following rule:

your_domain/spanish_policy - for Spanish;

your_domain /privacy_policy – for English;

your_domain /politics – for Russian;

where your_domain – is the url address of the landing page from the tracker (see an example in the screenshot).

Based on the rules listed above, we get this:
<p class="conf-link doclinks" aeid="146">
<a class="nav-link" href="" aeid="147">Privacy Policy</a>

Everything will work well.
Setting up a prelanding page in Arbalet:

open your offer and copy the link to the prelanding

then, open Arbalet and press the "Download a new website" button. Inset your link to the prelanding page, select Download this prelanding page and specify which landing page it should be linked to (choose the landing page that has already been downloaded to Arbalet).
Then, open prelanding page settings, select Where to host a prelanding page, then select Free domain.