myTarget ad accounts on Traffic Light
Traffic Light now offers myTarget ad accounts where you can use rubles. The main benefits are:
  • One of the best bonuses in the market
  • Balance replenishment with no VAT
  • No hold at all
Other conditions (such as minimum deposit ammount) you can check pressing the link.

Linking an account
Traffic Light now offers myTarget ad accounts where you can use rubles. The main benefits are: the best bonuses in the market, balance replenishment with no VAT and no hold at all.

Pay attention: you can link only a new myTarget account that hasn't been used yet to create campaigns. So, the first step is to get myTarget account (you can use any email address, it doesn't have to be After you sign up for myTarget, select the "Advertiser" type of account.

After signing up, go to "MyTarget ad accounts" section on Traffic Light, enter the login of your new account and press "+add":

The table will show a new line with the following status "Account is being linked".
5-10 seconds later, the status will be changed to "Account has been linked to the service". Your myTarget account will get a manager's status.
Press on "Traffic Light CPA" client and create a campaign.

Balance replenishment
There're 2 methods to replenish myTarget balance: transferring funds from Traffic Light balance or using a card.

To transfer funds from Traffic Light balance, select "Replenish" -> "From TL balance", then you'll see the page "Order a payout". Invoice details will already include the added account.

Requesting a payout:

The full sum with no commission will be immediately transferred to your myTarget account.

Another option
is using a card. To do so, select "Replenish" -> "Online cash register".

Note: online cash register's commission is 3%. Money will be transferred to your myTarget balance immediately after payment is made.

Refund to Traffic Light balance
You get money back from the accounts that aren't banned (except for the commission of the online cash register).

Note: you can't get money back from the accounts that received a bonus.

Mass generation of accounts for MyTarget

After creating and connecting an agent cabinet in MyTarget, it becomes possible to generate up to 100 accounts for it in one click.

Such functionality is very convenient if you use systems for mass work with MT accounts, such as Iskander.

To generate additional accounts, in the MyTarget cabinets section, click the "+" sign next to the name of the previously linked target cabinet, select the required number of generated accounts, and click the "Add" button.