Domonetization of traffic through push subscriptions
The mechanics is as follows: users who land on your landing are prompted to "Allow notifications", so you collect a push base from which you will be credited with passive income.

What the message looks like on the landing:
What a push notification looks like:
According to the results of 4 days of closed tests, the return on traffic with domonetization enabled has increased by 6%, while the conversion to lead has not decreased. On average the pushbase lives about 2 weeks, which means that you will get the income from the base you collected today for ~ 14 days (even if you stop the traffic).
There are several ways to enable domonetization:
a) In the stream settings. You can select 50% or 100% in the "Domonetization Push" drop-down list. If you select 50%, do-monetization starts in A/B-test mode.

b) When downloading a landing / pre-land and deploying it on your hosting. In the download settings, select the "Push domonetization" checkbox.

c) When adding an offer to "My". After adding the offer, the tab "Domonetization" will appear, where the script is indicated, which can be added to any site.

To analyze domonitization, in the "Statistics" section, select the "Group by: domonitization" filter, and in the far right column you will see your income from push notifications.